Our Staff


Mrs Jo Martin Headteacher


Mrs Amy Bain Depute Headteacher

Our staff comprises a hardworking team of teachers, Pupil Support Assistants who work in classrooms and the playground, office staff, catering staff, cleaners and our janitor. Each plays a key role in educating our children to develop skills and confidence in a caring, safe and happy environment. Our teachers update class webpages where you will find more news about your child’s learning and the ways in which you can support them. As the Senior Management Team, our role is to support all our learners, staff and parents. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by calling into the office, phoning or e-mailing school.

Class Teachers

P1 blue Miss Gen Munro
P1 red Mr John O’Neill
P2 blue Miss Leticia Poza Bazus   (Mrs Binkowicz on Tues afternoon & Wednesday morning)
P2 red Miss Katie Brown
P3 blue Miss Claire MacDonald
P3 red Miss Georgie Webb
P4 Miss Ciara McLoughlin
P4/5 Miss Orla Corby
P5/6 Mrs Carolyn Kelman   (Mrs Jadid on Thursday and Friday)
P6 Miss Lizzie Bennett     (Mrs van der Plas on Wednesday)
P7 Mr Michael McFadden


Teachers who offer Additional Support for Learners and cover class teachers’ Reduced Class Contact Time

Mr Iain Campbell Mon, Tues and Wed morning
Mrs Nancy Croxon     (Art teacher) Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Mrs Beatrice Duncan Monday and Wednesday
Mrs Sima Jadid  (Science Co-ordinator) Every day
Mrs Angela Robertson     Mon – Thurs every second week
Mrs Su van der Plas   (ICT) Wed and Thurs
Mrs Paulina Zarembska-Binkowicz  (P1) Mon – Thurs


School Administrator              Mrs Carol Li

School Support Assistants      Mrs Linda Patterson  9.45am – 3.15pm Tues – Fri

Mrs Linda McKinlay  8.30am – 9am and 3pm – 3.45pm each day


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs June Black Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Mrs Jennifer Campbell Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Mrs Christine Craig Every day
Mrs Isobel Kennedy Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Mrs Linda McKinlay Every day
Mrs Maureen Simpson Every day
Mrs Gail Wilson Mon, Tues, Wed


Janitor                                     Mr Les Reid  8am – 12 noon.

Lunchroom staff                     Mrs Noor Sert, Mrs Sandra Chalmers and

Breakfast Club                        Mrs Linda Stephen (servery 8.15am – 9am)

Breakfast Club PSAs (8.30am – 9am)           Mrs Jennifer Campbell, Mrs Maureen Simpson

Cleaners                                  Jackie Fraser and Darren


School Chaplain                      Father Gábor Czako, parish priest of St Columba’s and St Peter’s

01224 621581          immacu4@gmail.com

St Peter’s RC Church, 3 Chapel Court, AB11 5HX


Visiting Teachers

English as an Additional Language  (based in the small GP Room)

  • Miss Grace Freeland     Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning
  • Mrs Hilda Smith             All day on Thursday and Friday morning

Physical Education                 Mrs Susan Armstrong (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Drama                                     Ms Julie Hutton (Thursdays)


Visiting Music Instructors

Piano               Mr Andrew Oag (Thurs afternoon)

Brass               Mr Garry Sutherland (Tuesday afternoon)

Woodwind       Mrs Kate Friday (Wed morning)

Guitar              Mr Conal McKay (Thurs afternoon)


Music Therapist                      Jo Pratsides (Mondays)

Active Schools Co-ordinator   Sarah Doran. 07825 228173 SaDoran@sportaberdeen.co.uk

Educational Psychologist        Nic Rennie  01224 764714

School doctor                          Dr Ahmad Sherjil

School nurse                           Shelley Cormack    01224 551450

Childsmile Co-ordinator          Cath McLeish   Catherine.mcleish@nhs.net     01224 550088