The priorities in our School Improvement Plan

Local Authority Key Strategic Priorities for Improvement     

  • Accelerate progress to improve learning outcomes for specific underperforming groups.
  • To provide an effective CPD programme including school-to-school support to improve the quality of teaching to address underperformance.
  • Specifically raising attainment through the implementation of the revised Aberdeen City learning and teaching policy, pedagogy and practice.

 School Key Strategic Priorities for Improvement 

1. Work with the Parent Council and with all parents to improve the engagement of families in the life and work of the school, helping them to support their children’s learning.
2. Develop staff capacity to lead improvement in learning and teaching, focusing on improved outcomes and impact for learners, particularly in the areas of reading and social subjects.
3. Meet learners’ needs more effectively through

  • Tracking all learners to identify those in most need of support and monitoring the impact of the targeted support.
  • Agreeing and implementing a shared consistent approach to Personal Learning Planning and collecting/ recording evidence of learning.
  • Better deployment, training and support for Pupil Support Assistants to maximise their impact on pupils’ learning.
  • A shared consistent approach to IEPs (Individualised Educational Programmes), Personal Learning Planning, the collection of evidence of learning in and out of school and the timely involvement of parents.
4. Develop and implement a more effective strategy to include pupils in committees where they can share their views and in working parties where they can be involved in practical activities to improve the school environment and opportunities for learning and teaching.

ASG Key Strategic Priorities for Improvement   

These are the common improvement priorities being developed alongside our colleagues in all the schools in our Associated Schools Group – Sunnybank, Seaton, Riverbank, Woodside, Cornhill and Hanover St

Raising attainment in numeracy through

  • working within agreed ASG guidelines to deliver high quality numeracy experiences
  • sharing practice and pedagogy through meetings and peer observations
  • developing a shared understanding of moderation, assessment and planning.