Standards and Quality Report and School Improvement Plan

This year’s Standards and Quality and School Improvement Plan is available to download here. St Peter’s SQUIP 2016-17

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The areas identified for improvement are

National Priorities Education and Children’s Services Themes School Improvement Plan Priorities
Cross Cutting Themes
  • Expansion of early years in line with Scottish Government advice
  • Continue supporting the development of inclusive practices.
  • Continued strategic rollout of Google classroom
  • 1+2 Roll out of programme to primary 4 and 5.
  • Locality plans and emerging partnership forum plans
NIF Priority 1:

Improvement in attainment, particularly in literacy and numeracy

Improvement in Attainment: Literacy and Numeracy

•        ACC strategy advice and guidance on developing literacy and numeracy

School Improvement Priority 1

Review of Curriculum Rationale and Design


NIF Priority 2:


Closing the attainment gap between the most and least disadvantaged children.

Closing the attainment gap

  • Effective use of data to inform Pupil Equity Fund priorities
  • Continued rollout of GIRFEC including the Implementation of Partnership Forums
  • Establish forums for sharing best practice
  • Continue to develop effective assessment and moderation practices
  • Parental engagement strategy
School Improvement Priority 2

To further develop effective practice in planning for learning, assessment and moderation with a particular focus on Assessment is for Learning strategies and achievement of  Curriculum for Excellence levels.

NIF Priority 3:

 Improvement in children and young people’s health and wellbeing.

Communities Experiencing Socio-Economic Disadvantage

  • Poverty Proofing Schools
  • Improve support for children and young people with mental health needs


School Improvement Priority 3

Update the Anti-Bullying Policy and help children to understand how to access support when they are bullied for any reason including cyberbullying.



NIF Priority 4:

 Improvement in employability skills and sustained, positive school-leaver destinations for all young people.

Developing the Young Workforce

  •  Development and implementation of the Developing Young Workforce Strategy
School Improvement Priority 4

Continue to develop children’s understanding of their rights and develop their ability to interact positively to promote their opinions and ideas through Pupil Voice Committees.



 Continuing from session 2016-2017 Responsibilities
Continue to participate in the ‘Great Teaching, Great Learning’ teacher learning communities. Two teacher leaders, supported by headteacher
1 + 2 Modern Languages

– continued implementation of French in P1 – P3, extending to P4 and P5.

–       German as L2 in P6 and P7

–       Mandarin as L3 in P5, P6 and P7


1 + 2 Languages Co-ordinator supported by depute headteacher

Continued implementation of TalkBoost and phonological screening and Highland Literacy activities in P1 to promote attainment in literacy. P1 teachers and Pupil Support Assistants supported by headteacher
Improve self-evaluation using HGIOS 4 and the SCES document, ‘The Catholic School: Developing in Faith’ to evaluate our development as a community of faith and learning. Headteacher and pupils, parents, staff and partners.
Improve our attainment in writing throughout the school. Depute Headteacher, Literacy Co-ordinator , all teachers
Continue Rights Respecting Schools work to achieve Level 1 and develop Pupil Voice in range of committees throughout the school. Rights Respecting Schools Co-ordinator supported by headteacher
Health and Wellbeing – continued engagement in SHANARRI and anti-bullying work Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Use Google Classroom and Digital Technologies – all staff and class groups. Technologies Co-ordinator supported by depute headteacher
Use technology to improve communication between staff and parents. Headteacher, Depute Headteacher and all staff
Audit and organise library resources for infant classes Headteacher