Primary 6, Term 2!

Primary 6, Term 2!
Reading Working Wall, P6.

The children have been looking at various reading strategies across a range of texts and media to support their comprehension. As we cycle through these strategies, the work gets changed and updated on our interactive working wall. The strategies are:
• Metacognition
• Metalinguistics
• Inference
• Prediction
• Summarisation
• Prior Knowledge
• Visualisation
• Themes
Reflective Reading Strategy prompts.docx

Ask your child what reading strategies we’ve looked at this week!

Literacy Reading Working Wall P6
Reading Working Wall, P6.

Moving forward from Place Value, the children have continued to explore decimals. They have developed a better understanding of tenths, hundredths and thousandths. They learned how to round, add and subtract decimal numbers. We have continued this exploration with multiplication and division of decimals and we will look at real life applications of decimals such as with meter readings, measure and money.
Be sure to challenge your child on their times tables at home too! This would really help to support their maths classwork.

Finishing our topic of Our Democratic World, we have explored a variety of aspects of Democracy and the European Union. These include

  • local politics and how the voting system works
  • persuasive voting posters
  • organising class votes
  • the history of the E.U. and its purpose
  • E.U. membership
  • the countries of the E.U.
  • an in-depth research task of different E.U. countries which we shared with others in the class.

Currently, we are working on our European Fact Files. Using ICT skills on laptops and iPads, we have researched various relevant information and honed our note-taking skills to craft it into a poster. This poster is a collaborative effort in groups of 2 or 3 which will be presented to the rest of the class.

A special Congratulations also to Oskar in P6 who was voted as our class prefect this year! Well done Oskar! May you represent us well as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

European Union Display, P6.


Many thanks to parents for all your continued support throughout the term!

– Mr. McDermott.

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