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There is a meeting of the Education and Children’s Services Committee on Thursday 16th November. A paper will be put forward which recommends the relocation of St Peter’s School to Riverbank School once the new Tillydrone school is built. You can read the report from the Aberdeen City Council website here

The recommendations are below. A Parent Council Meeting will be held at St Peter’s School at 3.30pm on Tuesday 14th November 2017. All parents are welcome to share your views.

1.1 This report provides details and conclusions of the option appraisals carried
out in relation to the planning of future options to be considered for the
delivery of the long term education provision at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic
School in Aberdeen as requested by Committee at its meeting on 1 March

2.1 It is recommended that the Committee
(a) considers the outcome of the option appraisal work to date which concluded
 The current Riverbank School site is the most viable site for a new build
replacement for St. Peter’s School, and;
 The current Riverbank School building is the most suitable existing school
building for the long term delivery of RC educational provision at St. Peter’s,
and that within currently available resources this is the most viable option for
the future of St Peter’s School.
(b) instructs the Director of Education and Children’s Services to commence a
programme of formal consultation in accordance with the Schools
(Consultation) (Scotland) Act, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act
2014 and section 22D of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980
regarding the proposal to relocate St. Peter’s RC School to the current
Riverbank School building, once the New Tillydrone Primary School becomes
operational, and
(c) instructs the Director of Education and Children’s Services to report back to a
future meeting of the Committee regarding the outcome of the consultation,
which will take place in early 2018.


Wednesday 8th February 2017

All parents and carers should have received a letter in their child’s school bag today. parents letter Riverbank-St Peter’s Consultation – Report Issue 8 Feb 2017

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the meetings, e-mailed submissions or wrote letters. A report has now been prepared and it will be discussed at a special meeting of the Education and Children’s Services Committee on 1st March 2017. You can view the full report here. TOA_16_Consultation_Report

The Report recommends

  • That St Peter’s School remains at its present site and officers to assess how best to alleviate short term capacity pressures at St. Peter’s School;
  • That officers carry out an options appraisal to determine the long term future of education provision at the existing St Peter’s School site and the possibility of building a new St. Peter’s School on a new location, subject to a suitable site being identified in the school zone and sufficient capital funding becoming available. Further, that officers to present the findings of this options appraisal exercise to a future meeting of this Committee in 2017.

This means that officers will work with the school community to address the urgent need for additional appropriate accommodation for our children.

January 2017

Huge thanks to our Parent Council for all their hard work to involve parents and the wider community in the consultation about the future of our school.

All the feedback has now been published on the Aberdeen City Council website –

This feedback will be considered and a report will be drawn up to be taken to a special meeting of the
Education and Children’s Services Committee on 1st March 2017.