At St Peter’s School, we have four houses. Children in every class can win points for their house by

  • Behaving well
  • Completing learning activities really well
  • Being a good team member
  • Telling staff and classmates about achievements outside school eg performing in shows, getting badges or other certificates in cubs, brownies, sports activities, music etc
  • Showing kindness
  • Being helpful to members of staff
Click the links below to visit the individual House pages :

Elphinstone      Kings        St Andrew     St Machar

The House System encourages all children to contribute to the wider school community and take pride in their achievements.

The house which gains most points over the course of the year wins the Anne Lyden shield. Mrs Lyden was our headteacher until 2007 and she always encouraged all of us to be the best and to treat everyone with respect at all times.

The house that wins most points at Sports Day wins the Alex Kennedy shield. Mr Kennedy was a great janitor who cared for our school really well and was so kind to everyone. Before he was a janitor, he was a scout for football teams and he took a great interest in all sports.

House Captains collect the shields on behalf of their houses.