Parent Zone

Hello Parents!
Welcome to the Parent Zone page. There are links via the Drop Down Menu to lots of useful documents including our School Standards and Quality Improvement Plan  and our school policies.
The Parent Council also have a page to keep you updated about events as well as school, city and national events. There are many opportunities to gain more information about the curriculum and about the ways in which you can support your child. For more information on the Parent Council see the “face board” in the front foyer of the school.
We are very grateful to all the parents who support our school in many unsung ways – accompanying children on trips, supporting us to improve our school grounds, tidying the library and helping children to choose and share their library books…..  If you have any free time on your hands and would like to be more involved with the school, please get in touch with your child’s teacher or contact Mr. Sturrock  – 01224 485611 or
Here are a few ideas from our Parent Council:
  • Come and help the children with their maths, or reading, or any other subject you like eg science, music, using ipads or laptop PCs.
  • Come in to read stories to the children. They love hearing stories in groups or individually!
  • Help us to sort out books in the library.
  • Run an activity at lunchtime – skipping, hopscotch, football, baseball, chess, drawing club….
  • Volunteer to help with a class outing. We always need help to walk children to local activities.
  • Come and join in with a Parent Council meeting! It’s fun, informal and a great way to be aware of what’s going on across the school.
  • Volunteer your time to help with a school event. We have lots going on at all times of year and we welcome your ideas and help. It’s a great way to get to know people!
Please don’t be shy. The children love it when parents are involved at school, and you will enjoy the chance to get to know more pupils and teaching staff.