School Aims

School Aims and Vision Statement

Vision Statement 

We care for each other and strive for excellence and understanding in our learning and behaviour.

Our vision is to develop as a community of faith and learning, providing the highest quality of education, and promoting Gospel values through service to the common good. 

Our staff are committed to supporting all young people to gain the skills, values and attitudes that will prepare them for life’s challenges and opportunities.

In St Peter’s School, we aim to                                                                  

Welcome, value and respect everyone.

Enjoy learning.

Look after our health and care for the world.

Create a happy, supportive and inclusive school community which nurtures everyone, challenging and supporting all to do and be their best.

Overcome obstacles together, helping and seeking help.

Mirror the Gospel values of trust, respect, tolerance, honesty, generosity and forgiveness in all that we attempt.

Excel by behaving kindly and achieving high academic standards.

Our aims are based on the Charter for Catholic Schools in Scotland.


Over the past year, we have reviewed them in line with the UN Charter on Children’s Rights.

The Aims are simplified for display in classrooms and discussions with children:

children’s simplified aims

  1. We are here to learn.
  2. We treat each other with kindness,respect and tolerance.
  3. We work together to solve our problems.


Our aims were last reviewed in April 2019 in consultation with our pupils, parents and staff.