P4/5 2020-2021

P4/5 Update

P4/5 wanted to give an update on what has been happening in class.

Holy Communion

“We made our First Holy Communion and learned about the colour of peace, thank you Fr. Gabor.”

“At Holy Communion we had parts to read”.

Thank you to all our families and to the school and church communities for supporting us in our preparation and for making our sacrament day so special.

Laudato Si’ and Thank You

Leaders of Learning

We have enjoyed sitting in our groups this term and working collaboratively.

Winne: ” I really enjoyed persuasive writing, it helped us with our writing skills and help us to get more interest from our readers to get them to think the same as we do”.


We are keeping a look out for Respectful Rainbows, Kind Koalas and Responsible Robins around our school. We are trying to promote our school values at the same time with our persuasive posters.

Lockdown Locks

Three members of our class decided that after growing their hair very long over the last year, they would cut it short and donate it to charity. Well done for taking the initiative and making a change for good in your community!