Gong xi fa cai!

Primary 1 blue have been celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about the year of the sheep.

Last week was Catholic Education Week. The children were learning about how we can be kind and spread joy to others.

The children were on the look out for people being kind. When they spotted someone doing something kind to someone else they wrote about it on a heart.
The children were also learning about the importance of praying for other people. We used our hands to help us pray, with each finger representing a different group of people that we should be praying for.

The children have just finished a block of subtraction in maths. They have been very successful in their learning and can subtract confidently from 10 using materials.

We have new beanbags in class and we love using them when we read books!

We took advantage of the snowy weather a couple of weeks ago and learned all about water in science. We learned that water can take three forms: ice, water and steam. Miss MacDonald poured hot water onto ice in the garden and what happened was really cool!!!

We had lots of fun collecting snow, placing it in different places and then going back later to see what had happened to it.

Next week in maths we are starting a block of learning about telling the time in whole hours on analogue clocks.

In phonics we will be learning the ch sound. You can also hear the ch song at 1:37 on this video.

Our spelling words will be: much, of, or.

Thursday 5th March 2015 4pm – 5pm Aberdeen Central Children’s Library           To celebrate World Book Day, Natalie Russell, author of “Lost for Words”, one of the books given to your child in the Bookbug pack, will lead a creative workshop for children aged 3-7 and their parents/carers. The event is free but places are limited so booking is essential. Contact libraryevents@aberdeencity.gov.uk or telephone 01224 652500.  More information is available on Aberdeen City libraries website www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/libraries