Primary 2 Class News

Hello. We hope you enjoyed your Easter Break!

Look at all these things we have learnt during March and April.

This is a picture of us outside the Aquatics Centre

We learnt about division.

We love to read!

We painted seascapes.


Look at us making our junk model transport!


Primary 2 are really looking forward to all the exciting things they will be learning about this term.

This is what we will be learning all about in May!


We are going to be learning the sounds ‘u_e’,‘e-e, ‘ss’ and ‘ll‘. We will also be consolidating our previous phonemes. Our new spelling words will be

every, find, want, girl, father, head, mother, jump, four,

miss, never, these, well, will, fell, call


We are going to be learning all about position and movement. We will be learning how to use grid references to read and plot locations as well as look at language associated with direction and turning.

In Mental Maths, we will continue to practise counting confidently in 2s, 4’s, 5s and 10s to build up our knowledge of times tables. We will look at compensating as a way of adding 9 or 11 to a number.


Our new topic will be Percy the Park Keeper! We will be looking at gardens, wildlife and weather. As part of our topic we will be writing our own Percy the Park Keeper story book. We will be looking at how the weather and environment can affect the growth of living things as well as learning about the different animals and insects that can be found in different garden habitats. We are looking forward to using our school garden and visiting Seaton Park in the nice sunny weather!