Primary one blue class news.


I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. It has been great to have the children back in school and to see how enthusiastic they are about their learning.

In Maths we are learning about measure.
Last week the children were learning to measure the length of things. They were comparing different lengths to see which were long, short, small or tall.

They enjoyed learning how to measure items in the classroom with their hands and feet.

On Friday we took advantage of the good weather to go and do some measuring outside!

This week the children will be learning about measuring weight and volume.

Next week we are going to start learning about money. The children will be learning to identify different coins and talk about their value. They will also learn to find totals within 20p and will learn to select coins to pay for items.


Last week we had a very special bear visit our classroom. His name was Peter Bear and he was looking for a new home. The children decided that they would like to look after him and make him a toy shop to live in.

We will be learning to compare old and new toys and will even learn how to make some of our own toys!

The children had a fantastic time at the swimming pool last Tuesday. Thank you for sending your children to school with swimming kit and labelled clothes each Tuesday.

In phonics last week the children were learning the sound “ph” and were learning to spell the words; one, first and little. This week we will be consolidating the sounds “ph“, “wh” and “ng” before moving on to learn the sound “ee” next week.

Please continue to practise the spelling words in your child’s envelope at home. Next week the children will receive the words; had, see and has.