Eco Committee

Going for the Green Flag!

ess20thanlogoMany thanks to our Eco reps who completed the audit last term.

We are ready to draw up our Action Plans and get involved in lots of practical work, playing our part to help the environment!

August    Food and the Environment  What can we do to promote healthy eating? Where does our food come from? What can we grow in our school garden?

September    Litter picking and Coastal Clean up   Let’s pick up the litter in our playground and along the paths into school. Can we help to pick up litter in the community – at Seaton Park or on the beach?

We have also been invited to help to plant bulbs near the Seaton tower blocks.

October    ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ Week  We will collect and upload data about invertebrates in our garden.

November    Switch Off Fortnight  We will learn about saving energy at school and at home.

January      We’ll join the Big Schools Birdwatch. Last year, the top 5 birds in Scotland were

  • 1. House sparrow
  • 2. Chaffinch
  • 3. Starling
  • 4. Blackbird
  • 5. Blue tit