P1 Red January News

Primary One Red has been very busy over the last three weeks since we returned to school after our holidays. It is great to see everyone so happy to be back at school and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.

In our phonics lessons, we have been learning about the sounds h,w, j and v. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning the sounds q(u), x, y, sh, ch, th, ng.
The children are continuing with various active literacy tasks to help them to learn how to build and spell new words.


In writing, we have started learning about the different parts of a story (beginning, middle and end) and have begun to write our own stories.


We have started this term with a unit of maths on time. We started learning about o’clock and half past. We have been continuing to learn about number stories and adding and taking away. During this term we will be looking at money and we will also be learning about fractions.




Our topics for this term are Scotland and the farm. We will be learning about Scottish customs, culture, places and people. We will be learning all about the animals and food that live and grow in Scotland. We will be reading the Hamish McHaggis series of books and using these to help us with our learning.


We have been continuing to learn about coding with Mr Campbell on Tuesdays. The children have all really enjoyed working with our new Chromebook laptops.



We are really enjoying our P.E lessons. We are learning some ceilidh dances. On Mondays, we have been very lucky to get help from the children in Primary 3 to learn to dance. On Wednesdays, we have been learning some really tricky dances with Mrs Armstrong.

Burns Night:

We had such a fun day in school for Burns Night. We performed the Scots poem ‘3 craws sat upon a wa’ for our visitors in the school hall. All the children performed brilliantly.



Homework will be issued on a Tuesday and should be returned on Mondays.

Please remember to bring reading books to school every day.

Thank you for all your support.

Mr O’Neill and Primary One Red