P2 blue news

Term 3 news from Primary 2 Blue.

Primary 2 Blue have been very busy over the last month since we returned to school after our holidays.


Within our spelling lessons, we have been working on “igh”, “y” , “i-e”, “o-e” and “a-e” since the term began. The children have been taking part in a huge range of literacy activities, improving their spelling abilities and expanding their vocabulary.

We have discovered funny and interesting Scottish poems in “Doric” like “Jill and Jack”, “I’ve a kisty” and “Three wee taties” so far. The children are really enjoying learning about Scottish poetry. We are also listening to other Scottish stories linked with our ‘Granny’s Attic in Scotland’ topic. The children learn and discover old fashioned Scottish things every week. They talk, read and write about their learning.


We are continuing to use reflective reading activities in the classroom, allowing the learners to explore their higher order thinking skills through listening to stories, drawing and creating their own stories using their own built puppets in small groups.

In our ‘Show and Tell’ activity, we keep sharing stories to help the children with their phonological awareness to be able to create their own stories, step by step, and share with the rest of the classroom. This activity helps them with their writing and reading learning as well.


In our classroom, we aim to create life-long readers with good reading habits and we help the children to enjoy reading. Weekly, the pupils are given the opportunity to enjoy a book of their choice from the class library. They are asked to explore it, read it with a friend and draw about the story. The children can bring these books home if they wish to read for pleasure.


Children in Primary 2 Blue have been exploring money in maths. They have been learning to:

  • Recognise all the coins and notes.
  • Add the coins and notes.
  • Give change.

We have set up a food shop, played interactive games on Education City, played money board games and lots more. Here are some photos of our learning.


We are now learning about measurement (weight, capacity and volume, length), estimating and comparing:

  • How long an object is and what amount it holds.
  • Using everyday things to measure with different instruments and units.

We have explored things to measure in class and in our lovely environmental garden.


Our topic this term is “Granny’s Attic”. We are exploring a wide range of activities about how Gran lived when she was a child. By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating them in time, the children are developing an awareness of the ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history with the following activities:

  • Analysing Scottish poems.
  • Designing a tartan and an old suitcase.
  • Learning a Scottish dance.



We were enjoyed our bird watching activity in our environmental garden. The children drew amazing pictures of the birds they saw.