P5 News

Welcome to P5!

This term our topic is Macbeth. We have been looking at the various characters in the play and we have  created poems and newspaper reports about the different scenes. We are working with Mrs Hutton every Thursday to perfect each scene and work on our lines! We are looking forward to the Class Workshop at the Arts Centre, where we will be performing the first few scenes for another participating school.

We will be performing an adapted version of ‘Macbeth’ in the Schools’ Shakespeare Festival at the Arts Centre on  2nd November. Please come along and support us!

We have also been acting as CSI Agents, using different techniques to identify materials and  substances. Here we are extracting the iron residue from a mixture of salt and sand.


During Maths Week, we engaged in lots of activities, including a Maths Trail. We went around the school in groups to complete all of the challenges. We played Place Value games with Mrs Jadid and completed challenge cards. We also measured the perimeter of the playground and we drew the playground to scale. We also decided to time each lap of the Daily Mile. We collected all of the times and we calculated the average lap time. We created posters to present all of our learning to the other classes, in the hall.