P4 October news

P4 October news


The pupils have covered a wide range of writing genres this term including imaginative, personal, non-chronological reports and information leaflets on how we can save the rainforest.  All our writing has been based on our rainforest topic. The children have enjoyed using their rainforest knowledge in their writing.


We have just started the topic of “time” in Primary 4. The children will be consolidating their knowledge of telling the time on the 12 hour clock and making a link to how time helps to organise our daily lives. Please encourage boys and girls to tell you the time at home and ask them to estimate how long activities will take. This will help pupils to become more confident in telling the time.


We have been learning about food chains within the rain forest. We learned how different animals rely on others for food. We learned some new vocabulary such as producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer and tertiary consumers. We created our own food chain models.

The pupils produced some incredible rainforest projects for their homework over the last few weeks. We learned so much from each other including animals that live in the rainforest, people who live in the rainforest, and products that come from the rainforest and what we can do to save these incredible habitats! We have really enjoyed this project. Thanks to all mums and dads for your assistance in creating such excellent research books.

The primary 4’s have completed some first aid training from the Red Cross organisation. We learned how to take care of someone with injuries if we do not have a first aid kit, such as a bump to the head, a broken arm or a bad cut. The children practised some of these procedures in the classroom.

We were delighted to have Andy McKechnie back in the school for a day. We learned about the inspiring life story of Nelson Mandela. We also learned some African rhythms and had great fun learning some new dance moves.