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Christmas in P6/7 Red



We can’t believe Christmas is just round the corner! Here’s an update on what we’ve been doing in P6/7 Red.

Maths by Victoria and Rachel

This year in maths we have been doing lots of interesting things including our decimals, percentages and fractions topic. We have also been working through shape, co-ordinates and rotational symmetry! Everyone in our class has enjoyed it and can explain what we have learned. We found a way to do well even when it got challenging.  Many of the people in the class have made good progress and a lot of people have been understanding things a bit more than before.

Overall in term 2 we had so much fun in maths!

Choir/Music by Caleb and Julia

In choir we have been singing Christmas carols and practising for concerts at places like Saint Mary’s Cathedral. We also sang at the annual blessing of the crib at St Nicholas Kirk.

Every Monday and Friday we practice singing hymns together. At music we all get a chance to play instruments such as the recorder and the ukelele.

We all sing songs, traditional hymns or common songs. We did all this on top of learning all our panto songs and dances too! Great work!


Art by Slawek

In art, we have lots of fun. We try our best and get better and better with every lesson we have. Last week we were doing beautiful Christmas cards for our parents. These were handmade Christmas cards using crafts and patterns to make them stand out.

In the season of Advent, we made kindness Advent calendars. When you open a window, it will have a kind thing you have to do everyday. This was a nice thing to do especially when Christmas can be a time when we are all so busy and can easily forget about the important things.

Health and Wellbeing by Oscar

In term 2, a lot of our Health and Wellbeing work was linked to respecting and looking out for each other. In Anti-Bullying Week we looked into these important aspects of our school life even more closely. P6/7 red took part in lots of activities about Anti-Bullying Week and created posters, word searches, homework activities as well as having class discussions based around anti-bullying and kindness.
This year’s theme was ‘All different, all equal’

R.E – Advent by Justin

P6/7 red have been learning about Advent and the importance of it. It has been very fun and interesting. Our teacher, Mr McFadden, has made it even more exciting by adding an advent calendar (chocolate and a kindness one).

We have been learning about the Advent wreath and how Advent is relevant to the birth of Jesus Christ. We have learnt about every part of the wreath and what it represents. For example the actual wreath is made up from evergreen and it’s in a circle which represents how God’s existence is eternal and how much he loves us. We also learned about what each candle represents; hope, peace, joy, love and the fifth candle representing Jesus, the light of the world.

Digital Technology by Imdad

Our Digital Technology project was fun, interactive and enjoyable for everybody during class. It was enjoyable for the reason of many people knowing and liking the topic. The digital technology industry is growing and it is good for children to understand what they might take in for the future.

Some of the things we learnt during our time studying digital technology were;

– Learning about binary and how it was used.
– Different types of digital technology and that it wasn’t just phones but our everyday equipment.
– Technology is always growing exponentially.
– Technology isn’t always electronic based.

I think many people would like another topic like this. People enjoyed it since it was interactive and got everybody engaged.

Literacy by Max

This term in P6/7 red we took part in different types of literacy e.g reading comprehension, writing imaginative stories, reflective reading. We also learned in more depth about strategies writers use such as onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes and alliteration. For reading comprehension, we have a person or a subject and we get a piece of writing about it and then we read it over and at the end we get questions involving that subject. We still read at least 20 minutes each day and this is helping us to improve all our skills!

Our Christmas Party by Nathan

Our class had a party on 19th December. We had a musical statue competition to win a prize and sweets! We danced to lots of different Christmas songs and socialised with our friends. Mr. McFadden let us use the wii and we had a Mario Kart race. We all had lots of fun at the party and thank the school and community for making it happen.

Cinderella and Rockerfella by P6/7 Red

We had a blast rehearsing and putting on our pantomime – ‘Cinderella and Rockerfella’! We put on two shows and a dress rehearsal which gave us lots of time on the stage to show what we can do! Our best moment from the panto was everyone being on stage together and taking in the applause from our parents and the school community. It made all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you to all our parents for supporting us in our preparation.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!  Wesołych Świąt!