P2 B 2018

January in P2 Blue

Happy New Year!

It was lovely to see all the boys and girls return after the holidays looking happy and ready to learn!

Every January we celebrate Scots language in honour of our very famous poet Robert Burns. Primary 2 will be learning about Scotland’s famous cartoon character Oor Wullie!

Wullie speaks Scots and the boys and girls will be learning some of Wullie’s vocabulary alongside the poem ‘To A Bucket.’

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Writing opportunities will be linked to Oor Wullie. The children will be making a Scots dictionary and their own cartoon strip. Phonics, reading, spelling and grammar will also be taught on a daily/weekly basis.


ou (found)   igh (high)

Spelling Words

round  found  wish  men  who  after  hand  right

Mathematics and Numeracy

Fun Mental Maths opportunities will continue throughout the month. The children will be learning about grid reference systems, positional vocabulary (such as left, right, backwards, forwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise etc) and will be learning more about money (coins, notes, money addition etc).

Health and Wellbeing

In January we will be focussing on the importance of being active. This fits in well with our Burns celebrations. Primary 2 are learning the Scottish dance ‘The Virginia Reel’ for our ceilidh.

Gentle Reminder

Could you please ensure that all children have a gym kit in school.

We have our morning break at 10.10am every day. We encourage you to provide a healthy snack for your child to eat (fruit or vegetables).