Primary 2 – November News!

Primary two have been learning lots this term!

To celebrate Harvest, we decorated scarecrows with collage paper and made an autumnal background using red, yellow and orange paint.  We will be displaying these in the hall.

Our class novel is  ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and we decided we would like to learn more about owls.  You can watch a Youtube video of the story by following this link. We are loving this topic and have learned lots about different Diurnal and Nocturnal animals. Diurnal animals are awake in the daytime and sleep at night. Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and feed and move around during the night.

We sorted animals into Nocturnal and Diurnal animals.

We created a wall display and made a large ‘Plop’ for our wall using feathers, paint and furry felt material so that it feels like a real owl.

We have been learning about food chains and we were able to make our own food chain.

This Friday we went to ASV for ‘Funfit’.  It was fantastic fun and we were learning lots of different ways to keep fit.

P2 Funfit


Every second Thursday afternoon (weather permitting) Primary 2 will be going to Tillydrone library.  If any parent or carer would like to come, please let me know.  Our next visit is planned for Thursday  27th November.

Thank you for all of your help with the children’s homework.

Miss White and Primary 2