Primary 1 blue class news, 21st November

Primary 1 blue had a very exciting afternoon on Wednesday. They had a delivery of a very special gold present! When they opened the present, they found a very special book inside.

In the story we met Tapir, a tapir whose friends are all very good at writing poems, songs and stories. He is “Lost for words” and can’t think of anything to write. He discovers that, although he can’t write, he is very good at drawing and illustrating his friend’s stories. The children enjoyed hearing the story and they have learned about the tapir, an animal that looks a bit like a pig with a trunk, who lives in the rainforests of South America. We have been  talking about the different things that we are all good at.

The book, “Lost for words”, is shortlisted for a Scottish Book Trust book award. Over the next three weeks, the children will be introduced to the two other books which are shortlisted for the award. After completing a variety of activities for each book, they will decide which book is their favourite. Their votes will go together with P1 children’s votes from all over Scotland. The book which receives the most votes will be the winner of the Scottish Book Trust award for Primary one children.

Once we have looked at all the books in class, each child will get a Scottish Book Trust Bookbug bag, containing a copy of each book to keep at home. We plan to invite families into school on Tuesday 2nd December at 2pm to collect the bags and see some of the activities that the children have completed.

We have been having lots of fun learning our two new sounds each week. This week we were learning about the letters f and o. On Thursday, we used Cheerios to make the letter o !

We are continuing to work really hard at our number work. When we combine two groups, we make a total and we have begun to link this with the concept of addition.

We had great fun at Aberdeen Sports Village and are looking forward to our next visit on Friday 28th November.

During science lessons we have been learning about our senses.

We enjoyed our Autumn walk through Seaton Park. The primary 7’s were great guides and looked after us really well.

In two weeks, the children will be doing some junk modelling as one of the activities for their book of the week. I would appreciate it if you could bring in any cardboard boxes, food boxes, empty juice bottles, etc for the children to make their models.
Thank you in advance, Miss MacDonald.