A busy Term 3 for P7


Primary 7 have been very busy with all of their learning this term. Here are  a few of the highlights.

Our novel is called “The Explorer” by Kathrine Rundell. We are really enjoying reading this exciting story of 4 school children who are fending for themselves in the Amazon rain forest. Here we are working in pairs to make mini rafts as the children had to make a real one to travel in the Amazon. Most of our rafts floated and there was lots of good team work involved and some discussions about the best way to build your raft.



As part of our topic about the history of Fishing in Aberdeen, we went on a very exciting trip to both the old and the new harbours. We first got to see how the new harbour is being built and learned about the time it takes to make and transport some of the materials used in the new harbour project.

We had a chance to write letters to the future people of Aberdeen and put them into a time capsule that will be opened in 100 years’ time. Our task was to tell them about life in Aberdeen now. Hopefully, when it is opened in 2119, St Peter’s School will get a mention!

Then we went to meet Alan Patterson, who is a historian and he gave us a walking tour of the old Footdee harbour. We learned about the old harbour, saw some of the small houses and learned how it was built in a square around the central church. We saw where the old school was and also where the shipbuilding yard was. We learned how Aberdeen was a big ship building area in the past.

He took us to the graveyard to help us to find out about the professions people had in the past. Most gravestones had the name and also the profession that the person had. We saw lots of Ship builders, Ship masters and a minister’s grave.

During our walking tour we learned a lot from looking at what was around us and thinking about its use. Some of us had been here for a walk before but did not know all the history behind it. Thank you very much to Mrs Bain and Mrs Simpson for accompanying us on this trip.

We also had a taste of the rain forest where we tasted and discussed some exotic fruits like the children in our novel would have eaten. We tasted mango, pineapple, coconut, jack-fruit, figs and pomegranate. We had to discuss what each fruit looked like, felt like and tasted like and decide on our favourite. Everyone had different favourites, but the jack-fruit was least popular.


We look forward to finding out what happens in the last few chapters next term.

We have also learned lots more this term. For example, in Maths, we have been working on Money and finding the best buy when given two options. We also had to plan a party within a budget as a practice for when we plan our meals for going on our residential trip.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 15th April for a very busy but fun last term for you all in Primary school.

Miss Rynne