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P1 health week news.

Primary 1 had a fantastic health week last week. We did lots of activities to help us to have healthy hearts, bodies, minds and tummies.


On Monday we learned about having a healthy heart at Sports Day. We had so much fun participating in all the activities. We ran races, threw javelins and even jumped in the sand for long jump.


On Tuesday we learned about having a healthy body. We had a fire drill and learned about why it is important that we practise fire drills. We also reminded ourselves about how to cross roads safely; to always walk across a road and use proper crossings. We never run across a road.
We also learned about the importance of keeping our tummies healthy through the food that we eat. We sorted food into healthy food that we can eat lots of and unhealthy food that we should only have as a treat. We had lots of fun tasting a range of fruit and vegetables too.

On Wednesday we were learning about keeping our hearts healthy again. We were going to go to Seaton Park but the weather was not on our side. Instead we had a dancing day! We did lots of different styles of dancing in the hall with Miss MacDonald and tried some Yoga in the classroom.


On Thursday we continued to learn about keeping our tummies healthy by designing our own healthy packed lunch with Mrs Robertson.

On Friday we learned about what we can do to keep our minds healthy. We thought about how important friendships are and what we can do to make other people happy. We played a Special Person circle time game where we had to describe a special member of our class. We all had to listen carefully to decide who the person was. It was lovely hearing such nice things about each other! We also went outside to be creative with the loose parts in the playground. Playing outside and working together really made us happy.

We have three sounds left to learn; ai, oi and ow. This week we are learning the “ai” sound. We have loved having snails in the classroom and used them to write our own “Snail and the whale” stories. Our stories were fantastic!


This week we had lots of fun going on a tricky word hunt in the garden. Once we had found a word, we had to write it down.

We will be learning about measure for the rest of the term. We will be learning to measure length, weight and capacity through our play.

We had lots of fun doing some subtraction outside this week.

I can’t believe that this year is almost over! The children have all worked so hard this year and it has been amazing to see all their progress throughout the curriculum. Thank you all for your support this year.

Miss MacDonald