P4 in Term 1

What a busy term we’ve all had in P4. We can’t believe it’s already almost time for the October holidays. We hope all the boys and girls have a happy and safe holiday and come back refreshed and ready to learn more in term 2.


We have become very confident when working with money. We have shown that we can use exact change when paying for an item and also give correct change by using the strategies we have learned.


The children have been involved in working in co-operative groups when learning about money in maths and they have enjoyed taking learning through real life examples together. They have also worked well independently. Their Education City activities have given them the opportunity what they have learned throughout the week.


P4 have been looking at the different ways we can be persuasive with our writing. We have linked our writing to our Parliament topic when making posters, writing letters and having debates! Last week the children wrote a letter describing three changes they would make to the law which would make their life easier! Some ideas were

  • ¬†lowering the voting age to 8
  • having one day a month where cars aren’t allowed in the city centre
  • stay half an hour extra on Monday -Thursday to have half days on Friday
  • introducing free bus tickets to encourage people to leave the car at home.

I think you’ll agree that these are some fantastic ideas.

Every week we study a new phoneme sound which makes up our spelling for the day. Last week we studied the ‘oe‘ sound and learned new words with this sound. Ask your children for some ‘oe‘ words!

Health and Wellbeing

We are very health conscious in P4 and like to eat healthily whilst staying active. Thank you for providing a piece of fruit or veg for the children’s snack. We are well aware of the SHANARRI wheel in P4 (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included) and have recently been focusing on the ‘H’ in the SHANARRI wheel.


We have a ‘check in’ every Monday where we review the weekend, discuss our emotions and hopes for the week. On Friday we review the week. This is very helpful in communicating how we are getting on each week in P4. We have been concentrating on healthy teeth in the past week and looking at what happens if we don’t take care of our teeth! On Monday most of the class had a check from the Childsmile Team (school dental nurses) and this gave the children a chance to ask any questions about keeping their teeth healthy.


We spent Wednesday morning at the Aberdeen Sports Village playing table tennis. P4 were such quick learners and it was hard to believe most were beginners at the start of the session.


The coaches were so impressed they asked if it would be okay to try and get the class back after Christmas. Thank you to Kinga’s mum and Marcel’s mum for walking us there and back and helping to keep the children safe on the street.

We have P.E twice a week which is usually on Monday and Thursday. Each week we aim to have at least two hours of quality P.E.

Outdoor Learning

We are very lucky to have a classroom which is right next to our school garden. We try to use the garden every day as it is such a great space which we try to keep beautiful.


Recently we have used ropes and tarpaulin to protect us from the wind and rain whilst working in the garden.



Last week we built a teepee which we could all fit in and have a circle time whilst listening to the wind and rain falling against the teepee from outside!


We also made hot chocolate from a Kelly kettle which was heated using fire made from carbon steel and flint and dry twigs/straw!


We all had a shot at trying to get a spark from the metal and flint onto our camp fire and it eventually caught fire even though it was such a windy and rainy day.



Well done P4 for your hard work on this and thanks to Grace for coming in to help us with this.




It was lovely to meet parents at the Parent and Teacher meeting on Tuesday night. Thank you for your support.