P6 2019

Children in Need – Duck Race

Primary 6 hosted a Duck Race to raise money for Children in Need on Friday 15th November 2019.

They designed “Top Trump” style cards to go with our themed ducks. Each child had the opportunity to buy a duck for £2 and enter it in the class duck race.

We raised £307.10  for the ducks and non-uniform day.

The fastest duck in the class was the winner.

P1 – Daniel, Tim, Angelina, Guayinpi

P2 1st Franek  2nd Aliya, 3rd Hugh

P3 1st Nathan, 2nd Iliana, 3rd Nadia

P4 1st Patrick, 2nd Marcel D, 3rd Julia

P4/5 and P5 1st Jaya, 2nd Martin, 3rd Ben

P6/7 1st Max JB 2nd Max B 3rd Jamie

P7 1st Annesu 2nd Gabriel, 3rd Miss Rynne

Thank you to everyone who was able to make a donation and to take part in something different!