Primary 4 News

Welcome to P4. Here is an update on what we’ve been learning in P4 this week.


This week we have been focusing on Catholic Education Week and the different ways we can promote the Gospel Values. We have learned about the Beatitudes as told by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. We have tried to understand these even more by putting them into our own words and thinking about how these can be adapted to use in our daily lives. We have revisited the life of St. Andrew before St. Andrew’s Day on 30th November. The things we found interesting were:

  • His importance to Scotland and the reason why he is Scotland’s patron saint.
  • The fact he is also patron saint to other countries including Greece, Russia and Cyprus.
  • St. Peter, who our school is named after, is his brother.


Our learning in maths this week has been focused on equivalent fractions and ordering fractions. We have taken part in lots of maths games and co-operative learning to gain a better understanding of fractions and how they look not only in pictures but in real life.

“We found that using a fraction wall made it easier for us to understand equivalent fractions because it showed it in a visual way.” 


In Science we have been discovering our senses and we were amazed at the impact shutting off even just one of our senses can have on our surroundings. We conducted a number of experiments which highlighted the important role the senses play in our lives. These included filling a balloon with perfume and asking what senses were triggered when the balloon was popped.

“We enjoyed an experiment where one of us shut our eyes and held our nose whilst eating food and guessed what it was. This showed us how smell and taste work together.”

We went in small groups to race our ducks to raise money for ‘Children in Need’.




This week we have been learning words with ‘ow’ sounds. Ask your child what words they learned this week. We are fantastic spellers and have been using them in our stories this week.


In literacy we have been using our outdoor learning to inspire imaginative writing. We used soft toys and our garden to think of stories we could tell each other using the toys as the main characters. This resulted in great nature stories with some excellent plot twists!



This week we also created a cave in our classroom made from blankets and pegs. This made a perfect setting for sharing our stories with each other. It felt as if we were camped out in a strange land when we were in our very own classroom!


  “We had already created the stories in our head when we were playing in the garden so when we turned them into writing stories we knew exactly what to do”


We have been learning the difference between static and dynamic in our RADS sessions. We have made use of this in our warm ups and cool downs by doing dynamic and static stretches. We have also learned lots of new games to improve our balance and co-ordination.


Learning the different stretches and their names is good for us as we can try them at home and during our P.E lessons.”

    Thank you for your continued support.