P5 2019

November news – Primary 5

Welcome back to P5. Here is an update of all the things we have been up to in the last few weeks and what to expect for the remainder of term 2.


We are making some great progress with our measuring, estimating and accurately measuring length, weight and capacity. Next, we will be calculating the area and perimeter of different objects and places and recognise the importance of these calculations in everyday life.

Well done to everyone who participated in the Sumdog Maths Challenge. Remember, Education City games are provided weekly to support learning at home. We will be revisiting multiplication and division strategies before Christmas so we need lots of practice with our times tables.


With Miss Anadachee, we have been learning about poetry and creating our own poems, inspired by the trees we were observing in Seaton Park. We made notes on the bark, texture, leaves, crown and roots of the trees and even compared them to mythical beasts and creatures.


Health and wellbeing

We have really enjoyed having Michelle helping at our Friday gym lessons. We also got to have a taster session at Aberdeen Sports Village to try out some table tennis which we really enjoyed.


Expressive Arts

We all learnt to play “You are my sunshine” on the ukulele with Miss Anadachee. Some of us even discovered we had some hidden talents.

We are busy learning all the lyrics for our upcoming panto “Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits”.

Social studies

We explored our local area with Grace, going on a walking tour of Old Aberdeen and making notes of all the historical facts that Grace shared with us. We have been creating our own Primary 5 “big book” to record our learning.


Responsible citizens

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to Children in Need. The pupils had great fun buying their ducks and racing them. They also enjoyed not having to wear their uniform for the day.


Thank you for your ongoing support.