P3 Blue Christmas and Term 2

Hey Ewe!

Our topic this term has focused on our Nativity show “Hey Ewe” and on Friday 6th December we performed to our families.

I was excited and very scared and nervous because alotĀ of mums and dads were there and when I have shows I am nervous and excited!
by Oliwia.

I was excited because all the parents came, I was so nervous and I was so happy because my mum was so excited and happy too.
By Aurelia.

I was nervous and happy, I was happy because my mum and sister came.
By Hugo.

When I was a King I felt happy.
By Emmanuel.

I felt a little nervous and happy all at the same time!
By Filip O.

I really enjoyed the Hey Ewe show because I was very happy when I went on the stage and I was very nervous when all the parents were watching the show.
By Carla.

We were very excited to show our families our costumes and roles. A big well done to all pupils for learning their parts and to their families for supporting them at home to remember their lines and words to songs. Orchard Brae, Fersands Nursery and Rocking Horse Nursery all complimented the pupils in their performance. Well done!

Christmas Fair

Thank you for supporting the Christmas Fair arranged by the Parent Council. P3 Blue and Red had their own stall to raise money for classroom activities. Pupils enjoyed making bags of sweet treats, Rudolph hot chocolate and Christmas cards. We also ran a game of “Guess the Santa”. Some of us helped run the stall which helped put our learning of recognising coins, adding coins together and working out change into practice.

I had a great day at the fair, I also had my face painted and I liked it and I got the hot chocolate and I was so excited.
By Faith.

At the Christmas Fair me and Grace were helping and we sold some of the cards and then Nina came to help too.
By Oliwia

I really enjoyed helping with Oliwia and Grace and I really enjoyed the games that were there.
By Nina.


We have been learning alot of Mandarin this term. We have learnt to say and read the date (number and month), how we feel, numbers to 20, how to sing “Happy Birthday” and “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”.

I love learning a new language and I know the days in Mandarin.
By Nina.

I really love when we learn Mandarin and I liked the song “Happy Birthday” and the actions.
By Oliwia.

When we were learning the “Merry Christmas” song, I liked the actions and the music, it was so exciting!
By Faith.

When we were learning Mandarin I liked when we learned how to say the date and the month.
By Yoonjae.

I really liked the activities we did and the actions we learned for the different songs. By Ugne.

I really liked when we were playing in teams and we had to pick a letter and then if we got it right we got a point.
By Zac.


I really enjoy doing teamwork and exercise with the RADs team.
By Kaima.

We learned about sports and skills, running, co-ordination, reaction and communication. Outside we play football at lunchtime with the RADs team.
By Mati & Filip O.

I really enjoyed when we were playing a football match with the RADs team.
By Zac.

I like when we do warm up games and football dodgeball, it is the best game ever! By Faith.

When we were playing skills one of the skills was called co-ordination.
By Emmanuel.

I enjoyed learning new skills and I show the skills to my mum and dad.
By Nina.