P4/5 Term 2 News

P4/5 News

Advent and Christmas

We have been learning about Advent with Mrs Duncan. We have also been listening to Grace telling us Christmas stories. We made our Christmas crafts to sell at the Christmas fair to raise money for SCIAF.
We enjoyed learning our pantomime songs for ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’. On Wednesday 18th December we enjoyed our class Christmas party and played lots of fun games.








Maths (measurement)

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time using 24 hour clocks. With Miss Andreou, we learned about the days of the month and learned the traditional mnemonic to help us to remember the number of days:

  • 30 days has September,
  • April, June and November,
  • All the rest have 31
  • Except in February which has 28 days or 29 in a leap year.

We can use equipment to measure length using metres and centimetres. We can also read scales and estimate using grams and kilograms.



We are enjoying our daily reading in class. We are aiming to be excellent readers. As well as reading our Project X books, we have been learning how to engage more and do Reflective Reading using short novels.
In Spelling, we have been learning about the different representations of the phonemes ‘ie’ and ‘oo’ sounds.
Our writing has improved after our outdoor learning experience with Grace. We made beautiful autumn poems and even got them published in Chalk Talk. On Remembrance Day we made a wreath out of paper hands and wrote a poem. We are hoping to use the outdoors again after New Year.


Health and Wellbeing

We went to Seaton Park for 5 weeks to learn outdoors. We used the setting not only for our play and socialising but for talking and descriptive writing. We did kindness lessons with Miss Andreou and one of them was how to be a good friend and it taught us a lot. For Advent, we made Advent promises on how to look after our friends in school and how to help out at home. In P.E, we did Netball with Mrs Jadid and it was so much fun! We learned how to work together as a team. We also did football with RADS. They gave us fun stretches to do before training for football skills. It was so much fun!


We have so much fun learning Mandarin with Maia. She taught us how to count to 20 in Mandarin and say the months of the year. We played Christmas games and made lovely Christmas trees. We are looking forward to another busy term in 2020!