Digital Leaders

Learner Participation – Digital P4/5-P7

Last week, the digital pupil voice group came together and we had a very productive meeting. The pupils had lots of positive things to say about how our school uses digital technology well.

All pupils are familiar with the readwrite toolbar and they see this as a great tool to use when completing our taught writing tasks. Education City and RM Easi maths are used in every class on a daily basis. The older pupils explained how they have a “Google classroom” and they are very skilled in sharing their learning with their teachers and peers. Pupils enjoy having their 20 minutes of reading every day and they are all completing Accelerated Reading tests regularly. In our topic we often use technology to create presentations for our peers based on our learning,

We then discussed things that we could improve on such as being more responsible with the laptops and ipads and storing them correctly. The pupils were also keen to share their skills with younger classes and to raise awareness of cyber bullying and internet safety across the school.

The group came up with some fantastic ideas on things they would like to do throughout the school year including

  • Creating tutorials to inform other classes on how to use different apps and resources,
  • Creating and sharing class vlogs to showcase learning.
  • Creating information¬†posters to be shared across the school.
  • Becoming responsible for keeping equipment charged and stored properly and creating a timetable to ensure all classes are using resources.
  • Creating a Coding lunch time club
  • Encouraging and teaching other classes to use Google Classroom more confidently.

We look forward to meeting again in the coming weeks to turn some of our ideas into reality.