Welcome to Primary 6

Welcome back Primary 6! It has been lovely catching up with our friends and getting used to our new classroom in the main building. We are really looking forward to the term ahead.

School is looking a little different this year but the boys and girls in Primary 6 are getting used to our new routines.

New routine

School starts – 9:10

Break time – 10:00 – 10:15

Lunch time – 11:45 -12:25

Home time – 3:05

Please could pupils remember to bring their own water bottle and a piece of fruit for snack every day. Please do not bring in any toys, trading cards or stationery from home. Please remember to dress appropriately every day. The classroom can be a little bit chilly to ensure the classrooms are properly ventilated.  There are lots of opportunities for outdoor learning this year so please bring a coat every day!

Learning this term

Literacy – In reading, we have been using the rising stars to access online books. The Primary 6 boys and girls have really enjoyed these books so far! This website can be accessed at home if the pupils are keen to do some additional reading.

We are starting each morning with “word of the day”, allowing us to learn new vocabulary while also reminding ourselves of our spelling strategies. We are also doing daily VCOP activities to up level our writing.

In our writing, we have been writing film reviews which has been an excellent read. We will also be looking at autobiographies this term.

Maths – We started the term rounding numbers to 10, 100, 1000 and moving on to decimals. We have discussed how estimating and rounding can be used in our daily lives – shopping, cooking and travelling to name but a few.  Next, we will be moving on to measure.

We have been working on our mental maths too, covering the four operations – subtraction, addition, multiplication and division.

Health and wellbeing Coming back to school this term brought about lots of different emotions – excitement, enthusiasm, anxiety, worry. Primary 6 have been learning about resilience and bouncing back and we will continue to focus on this area of health and wellbeing for the term ahead.

We look forward to updating you on all our Primary 6 learning and news in the coming weeks!