P4/5 2020-2021

P4/5 Term 3

We have enjoyed the return to school after the challenge of learning online. We have enjoyed seeing our friends for the last two weeks of term. We have had opportunity to work in groups, present to our classmates and experience learning together as a class community. We have enjoyed getting “hands on” with our Forces topic and getting active outdoors building up our stamina, balance and control. For climate week we explored why renewable energy is important through the “Renew-a-bean” experiment. For Autism Awareness Week, we discussed how we are all unique and demonstrated our understanding and support by creating our own unique glasses, recognising we all see the world a little differently.

Here is what the class had to say:
“We enjoy cloud watching. ” – Marcel
“I enjoyed learning about Forces and Newton’s Third Law of Motion. ” – Valerio
“We were doing a lot of outdoor learning too, I enjoyed that we got some fresh air.” – Nina
“I enjoyed making the characters and mazes for magnetism and making paper aeroplanes. I learned about air resistance .” – Winnie & Mikayeel
“I enjoyed doing a lot of science and when we learned about magnetic forces. ” – Oliwia O
“I enjoyed when we made the Catapult with Mrs Bain.” – Michelle A
“I like P.E outdoors and that we are doing it almost everyday. ” – Amara
“I liked when in maths we used a calculator to solve money problems. ” – Maja
“I enjoyed learning French with Mrs Bain. ” – Olivia C
“It was sad to say goodbye to Mrs Croxon but I enjoyed making koala cards for her!” – Kinga
“I enjoyed doing experiments. ” – Michelle I

We had good memories from online learning too and we wanted to share a few photos with you of our achievements and experiences.

Miss Bennett would like to say a big WELL DONE to all pupils in P4/5 for their commitment to their learning this term. Thank you to their families for their support. I wish you all a safe and restful Easter.