March news from P2.

Primary 2 have settled back into learning in school very well. Thank you so much for all the hard work you all did while the children were learning at home.

In maths we have been learning about money. We enjoyed playing shops and using the correct coins to pay for items. We have also been learning to calculate change.

World Book Day
During World Book Day the children had lots of fun becoming authors and illustrators to make their own books. The children enjoyed reading their books to each other.

We were learning about the Scottish scientist Mary Somerville and we used what we had found out about her to learn to write a report.

Topic – Our Scientific World
Our topic this term has been toys. During lockdown we learned about each other’s favourite toys. We enjoyed watching a video of Miss MacDonald’s mum talking about her favourite toy when she was a little girl. We then learned about the differences between toys in the past and toys now.

Since being back in school we have been learning about how toys move. We learned about a range of different puppets and then painted our own sock puppets which we used to act out puppet shows in groups.
We enjoyed learning about toys which have springs. We learned how to make our own spring and designed Jack in the Box toys.

When learning about magnets, we designed and made magnetic toys. We designed our own game, made it and then came up with rules for playing the game with our friends.

This week we have been learning about toys with wheels. We learned about friction and how friction changes how far a toy car will roll. We had lots of fun creating ramps in the garden and measuring how far a toy car will roll.

We found out that when the ramp was too high the car would crash on the ground, but if it was too low it wouldn’t roll very far. We enjoyed exploring different objects to make the ramps and learned that the smooth ramps helped the cars to travel further than ramps that were not smooth.
We also learned that the cars travelled much further on the concrete than on the grass because of the friction caused by the grass.

Later this week we are going to make our own toys with wheels.

During Lent we have been trying to be kind and helpful towards others in school and at home. We made Lent promises of things that we would try to do during Lent.
Next week we will be learning about the events of Holy Week and Easter.

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe Easter Holiday when it comes.
Miss MacDonald.