P6 2021-2022

P6 Update

Welcome back to P6’s page. We have lots of updates to share:


Lots of progress has been made in our fractions, decimals and percentages topic. We are able to understand the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and talk about how we are surrounded by them in our daily lives. We are also able to covert between improper fractions to mixed numbers and find fractions and percentages of quantities. We continue to work on our mental maths work on a daily basis and like to start each day with a maths starter of the day to get our minds focused.


We are continuing to work through our novel study – Wonder. What we like so much about this book is how we can relate to the different characters. We are able to think of different people in our lives who are like Jack Will, Julian, Mr Browne and Auggie. It has taught us not to judge a book by its cover and how important it is to be kind. As well as the lessons we learn from reading Wonder it has also been great to do lots of creative learning with this as our focus. Last week we made cool cartoon strips based on a few chapters from Wonder. We have also taken part in drama, reflective reading and health and well being activities based on the novel.


We are studying the Jacobites this term as our main focus for Our Historical Scotland theme. It has been fascinating to think about how those people who lived around and close to Aberdeen has such a different life from us. We have studied the struggles the Jacobites have had and how they overcame these struggles. Recently we have taken part in writing and expressive arts lessons when working on the Jacobites. We are currently gathering work to present for our virtual museum.

Thank you for your continued support,