JRSOPupil Council

Pupil Leadership Groups Term 2

Our pupil leadership groups have been very busy establishing their action plans and moving forward with issues they have prioritised this term.

Our Pupil Council is headed by our Head Boy and Girl, along with one representative from each class. The Learning Council consists of our Depute Head Boy and Girl, and they also have a representative from each class. Our Junior Road Safety Officers consist of representatives from primary 6 and primary 7.

Pupil Council

The Pupil Council are currently looking at our school and community. They are using Education Scotland’s ‘How Good Is OUR School’ framework to identify areas that we are good at and areas which they think we can improve on. This term they are focusing on ‘Our School And Community.’ This includes the facilities and environment for learning, availability of digital technology, the range of equipment for play and physical activity and ensuring everyone has good access to what’s available. It also includes having positive links between our school and our families and with partner organisations in our community.

The Learning Council

Last year, the pupils who were involved in the Learning Council identified that they really enjoyed Active Adventure Days, and would like to help teachers plan them! As part of this year’s action plan, we have asked the group to deliver our ‘Mini Highland Games’ Active Adventure Day in January 2024. The Learning Council are very excited to be running this day and have already come up with lots of ideas and suggestions!

The Learning Council are also involved in creating context for learning evaluation forms for each class. They will be creating and evaluating this data and feeding back to the Senior Leadership Team

Junior Road Safety Officers

This is a busy time of year for our JRSOs. With the dark mornings and nights already upon us, the JRSOs have been raising road safety awareness. They recently presented at our assembly, reminding pupils to stay safe around roads, especially in the dark. They discussed Road Safety Awareness Week which begins on 19th November to 25th November 2023, and the theme ‘Let’s Talk About Speed.’

Our JRSOs also launched a competition to design a new ‘Stay Safe’ lollipop sign. There will be a winner from each class!

Two weeks ago, the JRSOs visited the primary 1 classes and gave them all a ‘Go Safe With Ziggy’ book. They spent some time reading to the younger pupils and talking to them about road safety.