P3 News

P3 have been working extra hard on developing their literacy skills, revising all the common words they have learned so far. They have also been working on improving their pace and fluency in reading. These are photos of us playing some language games.

P3 have also had some exciting art lessons when they improved their attention to details and proportions. This is  our recent art work. 







In the coming weeks, P3 will learn the following sound:

-ea- as in break, steak and great.

Then we will have a consolidation week of the following sounds we have already learned:

-ou – would, should, could

-ey- money, abbey, chimney, donkey, hockey, honey, journey, key, turkey, valley

In maths we have now finished working on fractions and we will move onto telling the time and data handling. In mental maths we will revise division by 5, 10, 3 and 4.

We have also now started our new project on Ancient Egypt. This will help us to have some good discussions on  people and customs of the past and we are looking forward to lots of exciting design and technology lessons. Here are good websites that can help you and your children research more information about Ancient Egypt:



Please make time to visit any library. All of them have lots of fiction and non-fiction books on Ancient Egypt too.