Football News – Glorious win for the P6/7 team on Valentine’s Day!

Last Saturday we played against Meldrum Primary. It was an excellent game and something incredible happened. We won 15-1.

St Peter’s started on the score sheet as soon as the referee blew his whistle and, by half time, St Peter’s were 7-1 up. Meldrum tried to hold their grounds but there was nothing they could do to stop the rapid attacks. The game ended 15-1 for St Peter’s.

Simone scored 8 goals, Oskar scored 2 goals, Radek scored 1 goal and Olek scored 4 goals!!!

Zachary had unstoppable saves.

This was the first great victory in a long time and a great boost for the team’s spirit.

Simone and Hector

(We don’t have a photo but we’ll try to take one for next time!)

Our next match will be on Saturday; hopefully we will have some more excellent results.