P.7 Class News.

Greetings from P7! The months seem to be whizzing past and we already find ourselves approaching March. March will bring more challenges and learning opportunities for the children.


Within Maths, we have moved on to studying Algebra. The children have responded well to this new maths topic and are enjoying the challenge of simplifying and solving tricky looking equations. Maths homework throughout March will be based around Algebra and, with your support at home, the children can mirror the hard work they are doing in class.

Useful links for extra homework:






A lot of our literacy work will tie in to our topic of Mountains. The children have already completed excellent research on the different mountains throughout the world and have gone on to complete a informative biography on Sir Edmund Hillary. In addition, throughout March we will continue to take part in active literacy activities which provide pupils with more motivating, enjoyable and active experiences in Spelling and Dictation, Talking and Listening , Reading Comprehension and Writing. Our core resource for Literacy homework throughout March will be Book Detectives. Children have selected a book of their choice targetted at the correct level and will work on comprehension work related to their book both in class and at home.


Exciting news for March – we’re going on a class trip! On 25th March, we are off to visit Bennachie to give children a first hand look at a local range of hills and the environment that surrounds them. Our Mountains topic has involved the children thinking about the environment of different ranges and what wildlife settle in these different environments. Since we can’t manage the trip to Everest, Bennachie is the next best thing! Throughout this trip we will be led by a member of the Forestry Commission. We will learn about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, the old colony houses and their archaeological features and the importance of the granite rock in this area. This will be a fantastic way to conclude the topic and I would be grateful to any parent helpers that could lend a hand on this day. Thank you.


Throughout February, the children have been working hard in class to prepare themselves for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We will continue to prepare the children in the best possible way throughout March and all the months prior to their Confirmation day on Saturday 16th May 2015. Visits from Fr. Gabor have allowed the children to ask specific questions and discuss the preparation process in detail. The Mass of Enrolement takes place in St. Columba’s Church at 9.45 am on Sunday 8th March 2015. The children who are receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation will prepare for this after school on Wednesday 4th March at 3.45pm. I am very grateful for your continued support in preparing the children for this next step in their faith journey.

Special Achievements  A huge well done to our super swimmer who collected three medals in a recent swimming gala! She won two silver medals and one gold medal! Olympics here we come!

Homework will continue to be given out on Monday and collected on Friday. Our P.E day with Mrs. Armstrong is on Wednesday and, with the brighter weather nearly upon us (hopefully!) could you please encourage the children to have their P.E kits available every day as the opportunity for outdoor activities will be right at our doorstep.

Here’s to a successful March!