P6/7 soccer report (28 February)

This week, the team had an Old Aberdeen derby match against Seaton.

The score at the end was St Peter’s 3, Seaton 7; it could have been better but their goalkeeper was extraordinary.

By half-time, we were losing 2-4. Simone scored an early penalty, then our opposition scored from the rim of the 18-yard box into the bottom corner; then we scored again making it 2-1. We switched off a bit and conceded a goal which was a header into the roof of the net. 2-2 was the score and then Olek, who is a striker, came all the way back to help the defence, midfield and the keeper and unluckily, when Zach
had saved a shot, the ball bounced off Olek and went past the goal-line. Oh-no, we were losing and it got worse. Another strike came along and went into the back of the net: 4-2.


In the second-half, our opponents managed to score 2 early goals: it’s over, 6-2; or was it? No-no-no, we scored another goalJ J. Then Zach made a save and the ball went out for a corner. They scored from the cornerL L.  Another ten minutes go by and both teams struggle to score any goals.  Hector and Tomasz defended like a rock and everybody else worked hard.


Unlucky P6/7s, we can win our next one. Men of the match are: Simone and Hector.