P4 class news

Primary 4 Class News

Primary 4 had great and busy last two weeks.

We went to see Horrible Histories at HMT. We learned about Vikings, Queen Victoria  and many more historical events in Britain.  We had great fun wearing Bogglevision glasses!

We also took part in The Creativity Conference at Aberdeen University where together, with different schools we had a chance to choose different workshops. Each of us participated in two different workshops and we enjoyed all of them. It was exciting, challenging and a fun Conference.

Our topic covers different climate zones and this week we will focus on learning about deserts. So far we have compared hot and cold deserts and located them on a world map.

In maths we started a new topic ‘Money’ and we are going to investigate how different combinations of coins and notes can be used to pay for goods or be given in change.

Active Literacy and Spelling is very important for us and we are learning different phonemes to help us to spell our tricky words. This week we have been trying to find different letter combinations which make ‘k’ sound and also gave examples of them.

We hope you have a great week!

Primary 4 with Mrs Aftyka