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March News in P1 Red

Well time has gone by so fast in our class. Maybe that is because the children have been doing such a good job learning all about time! Here we are working hard together in maths class.

We have also started a block of learning about numbers to 20. We are learning how to recognise these numbers and write these numbers along with counting and sequencing them. All the boys and girls have been doing very well.

We have been continuing to learn our sounds and words, using lots of active learning. Pictures below show us making a “ch” collage, playing ‘Pass the word’ and playing ‘Go Fish’ using our sounds.

In science, everyone was very interested when learning about electricity and how to keep safe. Our topic about “The Farm” has been great fun. We have learned all about cows. We can label the parts of a cow and tell you all about “The Journey of Milk.” For health and wellbeing, we absolutely loved making healthy fruit smoothies in school after learning about milk, dairy products and healthy eating! They tasted great too!

After all this, we still had time to keep an eye on our spring daffodils in the garden.

We also celebrated “World Book Day” by telling the rest of the school about our favourite book and we even went to see  “Whatever the Weather” in The Lemon Tree as part of the Arts Across Learning Festival in Aberdeen!

In the coming weeks we will be consolidating our sounds to date and then moving on to learning the wh, ph sound. We will continue to learn our tricky words which will be stuck into your child`s reading record book each week.

In maths we will continue to consolidate learning about our numbers to 20, odd and even numbers within 20 and will begin addition and subtraction within 20 also.

Our topic will continue to be “The Farm.” The children will further their learning about animals on the farm, including chicken and sheep. They will continue to learn how we get our food from plants and animals. They will look at how food changes when it makes the journey from the farm to our plates. They will also learn about the crops that grow on farms, what they need in order to grow and how the crops are used to feed us.