Archie in Africa Day

Thanks you for supporting the Archie in Africa event on Friday. A total of £146.07 was raised.

The ARCHIE Foundation is delighted to have helped twin the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital with children’s services at the Mulago and Naguru Hospitals in Kampala, Uganda. We’re going to make a BIG difference on ARCHIE in Africa Day on FRIDAY 27th MARCH.

We will help the charity to raise money to create an incredible new operating theatre and children’s ward in Kampala. You can read more at

Each child is asked to bring £1 and a piece of coloured fabric or paper. The piece should be the size of a Post-It Note (7.7cm X 7.5cm) and it can be textured, shiny, patterned or plain.

We are asking each class to bring in a different colour and then, with the help of Mrs Croxon, we will make a whole school collage of a map of Scotland in vibrant colours. We will display this for everyone to see and think about how we can all make a difference.

The colours for each class are:

  • P1 Red       red
  • P1 Blue      light blue
  • P1/2           yellow
  • P2              light green
  • P3              white
  • P3/4           black or grey
  • P4              orange
  • P5              brown
  • P6              dark green
  • P7              dark blue

Many thanks for your help.