News from Primary 2/3

Hello from Primary 2/3
This has been a very exciting week in our classroom.
On Monday, the first of our butterflies emerged from their chrysalides. We were very lucky to see this happen when we were in the class. The class have watched them grow from tiny caterpillars in to big caterpillars, then chrysalides and now emerging. We have given them a few days to gain their strength and we will release them this Thursday.
Ask us what the difference between a chrysalis and a cocoon is. We also know what ‘exoskeleton’ means!
On Tuesday, we had our trip to the Duthie Park. There we worked with the Park Rangers to learn about frog lifecycles. We played froggy fact games and we received an origami frog to decorate and race at school. We looked for tadpoles in the pond and we even saw a few! The class went pond dipping to discover which mini beasts are living there. Alex, one of the Park Rangers, was very excited as the children found species that wasn’t there last year. This shows that the pond is successful and attracting new creatures.
After all our hard work with the Rangers, we went and played in the park. It was great fun.