The children will continue to learn to identify different coins and talk about their value. They will also learn to find totals within 20p and will learn to select coins to pay for items. The boys and girls will have a shop in the classroom where they can be customer and shopkeeper.

Phonics and Tricky words

Phonics: oo, ck, ai and oy

Tricky words: 

play, no, look

make, like made

said, big, could

Please continue to practise reading and saying your tricky words at home. You can do lots of exciting things with tricky words at home.

  • Play bingo,
  • Rainbow write them,
  • Stick them on your bedroom wall and shine a light on a word
  • You can even hide them in a room for your child to find!

Have fun learning at home!


The children will be learning about old and new toys. The will compare old and new toys and will even learn how to make some of our own toys.

Miss Lynch