Congratulations to the 11 pupils who were confirmed at St Columba’s Church on Saturday.

You all looked very happy and everyone played their part to make the Mass enjoyable and uplifting. Bishop Hugh gave us three things to remember –

  1. There is a lot of noise in this world. Filter it and listen carefully for the important messages. Think about people singing in tune together and trying to find the right note. They encourage each other and we need to encourage and support each other, listening to helpful noises in this busy world.
  2. Icons are beautiful works of art created on wood and varnished at least three months later. The varnish protects the painted image and it makes a surface that can be cleaned easily. Being confirmed added the varnish to the sacrament of baptism.
  3. Think of your Confirmation certificate as a licence to be a full member of the church and play your part, travelling alongside other Catholics. The church is like a bus full of passengers of all sorts on a journey, helping each other.

Many thanks to Mr McFadden for working with Fr Gabor to prepare P7 so well and to all the parents who helped in so many ways to support the young people. Thanks also for the lovely cake, refreshments and great decorations in the church. Thanks to Amelia’s dad for taking the photos. He is going to put the images on a CD and send them to school in about two weeks. You will be able to get copies of them.  We hope you will always remember your Confirmation Day.