This Term in Primary One Blue

This term has been a very busy time in Primary One Blue!

We have been learning the letters; s,a,t,p,i,n,r,m,d,e.
In class, we have been using whiteboards and playdough to correctly write the letters. We have also been practising our spelling words too. Next term, we are going to be looking at the letters, c,ck,k,g,l,f,o and we will be consolidating all of the letters that we know already.

In maths, we have been learning how to count to 10 and to 20. We have been playing lots of games in class, ordering the numbers to 10 and thinking about what numbers come next. Next term, we will be learning how to add two numbers together and learning the number bonds to 10.

Our topic this term has been “The Weather”. We have learned all about the different types of weather in Scotland. We¬†have made a weather chart in class and we are recording the weather every day. We have also made our own kites, rain shakers and rainy day umbrella pictures.

I hope you have a lovely October Holiday and we will all be back in school on Monday 26th October.