P2 red update

Hello everyone.  The girls and boys in primary 2 red have been very busy this term. We have been working very hard and would like to share what we have been learning with you.

We really enjoyed our Scotland topic and we learned a lot about local castles.  Our favourite castle was Dunnottar Castle.  Ask the children to tell you about its important location!

We also enjoyed learning about tartan and even made our own kilts.  

We are continuing to practise our writing in lots of different ways.  I am so proud of the progress the children are making.  We are all clever cookies!

We have been celebrating things that are special to us from different countries around the world.  The children really enjoyed this opportunity to share with each other.  Thank you to parents for sending the various prompts into school as they really gave the children confidence to share and we had a very successful lesson.

We celebrated Chinese New Year as a whole school, with a very exciting visit from a Chinese Lion doing a dance for the whole school.

We also welcomed Anqi Tong from the Confucius Institute to teach us all about the Year of the Monkey.

We are continuing to share and celebrate our success as a class and we really enjoy doing this.  

We have enjoyed making Eco posters as part of our Eco Work. The children made posters with a focus on litter to display around the school.

We have been enjoying the songs in French on Education City. Please see your child’s Education City homework to practise the songs together.

Planned learning for the next few weeks:


  • Weeks beginning 29th February and 7th March: We will be consolidating our phonemes “igh” and “y” (as in sky).
  • Week beginning 14th March:  i-e.    common words five, time, life and line
  • Week beginning 21st March:  o-e as in home       Tricky common words –  more, school and Mrs.

Please check Education City for activities which have been allocated to help your child to practise the spellings and sounds.  

Literacy / Reading

Thank you for your continued support with reading.  The children are making fantastic progress.  Please continue to practise reading aloud at home as often as possible.  It really has made a huge difference.


We will be continuing to work on place value, concentrating on tens and units.  Aspects of money will come into this.  We are becoming familiar with coins in class and are adding amounts together using 10ps and 1ps.
The boys and girls will be working on patterns with Mrs Duncan on Wednesdays. They will be creating patterns using shape and then, eventually, number patterns.
We will be continuing to focus on the 2, 10 and 5 times table in mental maths.

Please check the fantastic activities on Education City. The children are familiar with them in school and you can access them at home.


Our new topic is “When Gran Was a Girl”.  Many thanks for the way you have already contributed to it!  So far we have discovered our Gran’s favourite toy from when she was a girl.  We have been discussing and writing about our own favourite toys.  Throughout this topic we will be looking at the differences between how our grandparents lived as children and how we live our lives now as little girls and boys in St Peter’s School.  We will be exploring this topic through discussion at home with our families, and bringing the information we learn back to class.  We will be looking at Gran’s toys, clothes, school, shops etc.


We will continue to celebrate Lent within class. We are reflecting on our Lenten promises and trying hard to make good choices in order to be good people.  We will continue to listen to Bible stories and reflect on them.


The children will continue to enjoy Science lessons focussed on space and planets with Mrs Jadid every Tuesday.

Thank you again for your continued support.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any assistance with any aspect of what I have written or for help using Education City. It really is a fantastic resource!

Miss Blair and Primary 2 red.