P3 Red – March Learning

We are delighted to welcome Miss Healy to Primary 3 Red. Miss Healy is a student teacher from Aberdeen University and will be with our class until mid May.

Please see the photographs below from February’s learning.

This Month’s Learning


Our topic this term is Communication. This month we will be focusing on hearing, sign language, letters and stamps. These themes cover experiences and outcomes from Science, Language and Literacy and Health and Well-being.


In mathematics we will be looking at number processes, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. Later on in the month, we will be concentrating on multiplication and the link to division. Daily Mental Maths lessons will continue.

Phonics and Spelling

This  month’s phonemes are

ou (would)     ey (money)    ie (field)    oe (toe)

Our common words are

should, would, open, song, hard

read, call, even, fly, close

begin, follow, often, letter, woman

write, answer, began, heat, page

We are looking forward to World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March 2016. Please encourage your child to dress up as a character from a book. We will enjoy a short assembly in the morning to look at everyone’s costume and then we will explore books further during the day.


In RE we will be journeying towards Easter, concentrating on Lent.

During Lent we will be organising a small enterprise project to raise money for SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund). Some of the children’s suggestions so far have included: ice cream cone selling; sponsored walks; bake offs and coffee mornings. We will let you know shortly on the chosen project!

Suggested Websites







Working co-operatively to produce a fact file on John Logie Baird.
Using charcoal to produce a portrait of Alexander Graham Bell.
Using the I-pads!
At Belmont Cinema watching ‘The Gruffalo’s Wean.’