P7 Update

It’s a very busy time of the year in P7 as we head into the last weeks of primary school.


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Children receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation have been working in class and at home to prepare for this special day. A big part of their preparation is the support they receive at home which is vitally important. In class we have been working together to think of great hymns and appropriate prayers to include on the day.


P7 have been reflecting on their success and achievements and areas of development by completing their profiles which will go onto Academy. This has been a very worthwhile exercise for the children as it gives them an opportunity to evaluate their time at primary school in a personal way.


We are learning all about algebra in P7 which the children have found enjoyable and challenging. Every Wednesday Mr Cassells visits P7 and takes the class through a Junior Enterprise Game where they work together as a company starting out a new business selling polo shirts. They learn about the fine margins between profit and loss and the smart moves a business can make in order to be profitable. At the end of a seven week block there will be a winning team!


As we finish our novel study, ‘Wonder’, the children have been reflecting on the positive message that has come from the story of August Pullman. We continue to read for 20 minutes each day and strive to improve our reading capabilities as a result of this. The children have widened their vocabulary as a result of working through their novel study and taking part in accelerated reading.

Rio 2016

We are all looking forward to the Olympics in Rio this Summer. P7 have been studying the Olympics as part of their topic during term 4 and have enjoyed learning about how the Olympics began in Ancient Greece to the more recent games in Beijing and London. We have also looked at Brazil as a country and the different challenges hosting an Olympics will bring.Picture 095Picture 094

We recently worked in our cooperative learning groups to have a class vote for the host city of the next Olympic Games. The children worked together to come up with a proposal for a city that suitably fit the criteria and covered everything from their logo and slogan to the history and culture their chosen city could offer tourists. After a class vote, Cape Town fought off close challenges from LA, Barcelona, Santiago and Sydney.


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As a school we are taking part in our daily mile challenge as we try to collectively walk and run the 6,018 miles to Rio by the end of the term!

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We are all very excited to be heading off to Tomintoul for 3 days of fun and learning. On the way to Tomintoul we will stop off at Pluscarden Abbey where we will be shown round by Fr GilesĀ and take part in a prayer service. Afterwards we will visit Scalan where the children will be able to explore the seminary where Priest Gordon studiedĀ in 1785.

We will then have fun at Landmark on the second day before heading back to the St. Michael’s Centre for evening music and art activities with Fr. Colin.

We will make our way back to St. Peter’s on Friday via Greyfriars Convent in Elgin where we will have lunch and a tour of the convent. We expect to arrive back at St. Peter’s at approximately 3pm on Friday.

The children are well aware of the different items they have to bring with them. These are stated on the original Tomintoul letter given out last month.

Thank you!

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