P3 blue class news

Primary 3 blue have been busy learning lots.

In phonics next week we are going to learn about the th sound as in ‘then’. The children will enjoy lots of different activities to help them to learn about the sound.

In maths we have been learning to add two 2 digit numbers together using the column method, or ‘chimney sums.’

Image result for addition poem with regrouping

We have been working very hard to learn how to add using this method.

We will be continuing with addition next week before moving on to subtraction.

In our mental maths we have been learning our 4 times table. We made ‘chatterboxes’ to help us to learn the 4x table facts.


Next week we will be learning what must be added to any 2 digit number to make the next multiple of 10, eg, 52+ ____=60.

In P.E we have been learning how to be good defenders and attackers. We are learning to play as a team and work together to score a goal.We have been having lots of fun in our P.E lessons!

In drama we have been practising hard for the Nativity play. Thank you so much for helping your child to learn their lines for the play. The children are working very hard in their drama lessons and are looking forward to sharing the Nativity with you.

In our topic lessons the children are enjoying their lessons on Space. This week we were learning about the sun. The children worked very well, in groups, to create giant pictures of the sun with lots of facts about the sun in its rays.


Next week we are going to be learning about the moon. In the coming weeks we will be learning about the four rocky planets and the four gas planets in our solar system. We are also going to find out about life as an astronaut and discover some of the history of space travel.

Thank you for all of your support. It was great to talk with you all at parents’ night this week.

Miss MacDonald